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The world has a few years to contain catastrophic climate change according to the 8th October 2018 IPCC report only 12 years to save humanity on planet earth from a climate catastrophe.

The bullets against climate change can be as simple as planting trees, eating local, reducing meat consumption, and employing technology.

We advocate for a human rights based approach to climate change policy and climate action. With lives and health, food and water even education and shelters and peace and stability all threatened by climate change, it is imperative to employ the human rights framework to ensure that people participate in climate change responses and get remedies for climate related injustice.
88 Ben Kiwanuka Street 1st Floor , Master Plaza, Room F.10, Opp. Watoto Church Central

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We specialize in strategic litigation (public interest litigation), human rights law, environmental & climate change law, and internet governance.

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