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We serve, or have served, a number of ordinary and highly profile individuals and organizations in Uganda and abroad.


The Unwanted Witness is a civil society organization (CSO) established in 2012 by a group of netizens, bloggers, activists, writers and human rights defenders to plug effective communication gaps employing a myriad of online expression platforms.


A vibrant Non Government Organization spread across Uganda; and it is part of the bigger and international ActionAid International with branches in 47 countries.

It is “a global justice federation working to achieve social justice, gender equality and poverty eradication.” In Uganda ActionAid defends and raises awareness of human rights; be they economic, social, cultural, civil or political.


Chapter Four Uganda is an independent not-for profit non-partisan organization dedicated to the protection of civil liberties and promotion of human rights for all in Uganda. It derives its name from the bill of rights contained under chapter four of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.


MLDI – Media Legal Defense Initiative is a London based civic organization primarily concerned with media rights, digital rights, and freedom of expression. They conduct training for lawyers and journalists including litigation surgeries on freedom of expression and digital rights.


Umbrella for Journalists in Kasese (UJK) is a non-profit making organization founded in 2013 that brings journalism practitioners together in order to appreciate each other as professionals, community-based, engaged in journalistic information dissemination and other related activities for the well-being of community


This client is a company limited by guarantee exploring the impact of new technologies on everyday life and business; and armed with a vision to transform and shape the interaction between technology and law.

They are the lead petitioners in the social media tax constitutional challenge that our firm is spearheading.


This is vibrant network of activists, and a social movement based in Uganda working for a none violent change of government and systems.


Network For Public Interest Lawyers: Based at and created by the school of law, Makerere University, NETPIL is our important partner in the push for social justice, rule of law and human rights in Uganda.


This is a group of chiefly youthful activists seeking non-violent change in Uganda.
88 Ben Kiwanuka Street 1st Floor , Master Plaza, Room F.10, Opp. Watoto Church Central

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We specialize in strategic litigation (public interest litigation), human rights law, environmental & climate change law, and internet governance.

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